Meet our CEO

Welcome to Blackmilk Media, where originality, transparency and creativity thrives.

Within our office, representation reigns supreme. We have a team that comes from all walks of life, with work backgrounds ranging from Quantitative Research to PR, Politics to Music. This vast array of experience means that we never run out of original, fresh ideas. But don’t take our word for it, have a read for yourself. To celebrate the launch of Blackmilk, each week we will feature a profile on a member of the team.

This week, I’m talking to Maximilian Seeburg, co-founder and CEO of Blackmilk Media:

Good morning Max, how are you doing?

All good thank you – yourself?

Very well actually, thanks. I’d like to ask you a few questions so that our readers can get to know you a little more, how does that sound?

That sounds good to me; let’s get started!

Brilliant, first question: how and why was Blackmilk Media set up?

Well, both my business partner and I had experience within the digital advertising industry, and realised that there was a gap in the market for more transparency towards advertisers. We also noticed that the way in which technology was used (anti ad-fraud mechanisms and real-time data, rather the lack of!) with agencies just wasn’t up to scratch, so with these gaps in the market, we established Blackmilk Media to properly address them.

We also saw companies, especially in the new economy, move their media-buying in-house, including their programmatic buying. Thus, we decided to add a consultative dimension to Blackmilk Media, where we would help companies navigate their way through the implementation and onboarding of mar-tech infrastructures across their organisations.

What do you hope to achieve with Blackmilk?

Within Europe, we plan to continue our focus on transparency and technology. In other areas such as South America and the Middle East, where there is a market emerging, we plan to place ourselves at the forefront of these markets, practising our ethos in these previously untapped regions. We’ve already started to do this by opening our Mumbai office in February!

What plans do you have for the company in 2018?

We have a lot of exciting expansion plans in place this year – as I mentioned, we have opened our office in India already. We will have a strong presence in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and various European cities.

We’ll also be investing heavily in our own proprietary technologies, to ensure that we continue to provide the best service for our clients.

And the 5 year plan for Blackmilk Media?

That we’ll be the market leaders in all emerging regions, such as South/Central America and South/Southeast Asia, as well as the aforementioned South America and the Middle East. We want our technology to make a huge impact in these areas by disrupting the pre-existing markets. Closer to home we want to have a significant footprint in Europe, in addition to the above continents!

I understand that you were in the financial sector for a long time – what made you want to make the jump to digital marketing and advertising?

Yes, both my business partner and I come from the finance world, working in investment banking and venture capital. However what I felt was missing from that sector was a sense of creativity, which of course is a little difficult to find in that field!

We then learned through colleagues, friends and our own research that marketing as a sector was moving in a direction that was increasingly more programmatic-based, especially within the last ten years. Programmatic bears many similarities with the stock market, with Google’s Ad Exchange modelled on the Stock Exchange. This which was very interesting to me, because it was a way in which the financial system, of which I had much experience, and creativity, which I craved, could work perfectly in tandem with each other.

Thanks very much for that! One last question – it’s a favourite of mine – how would your friends describe you in three words?

Hmm, that’s a difficult one! The feedback I get is that people often say I am very organised, that they feel comfortable around me, however I’ve been also told that I can be impatient from time to time.