Meet Julia, our BD Intern in London

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Hey Julia, how are you today?

“Can’t complain, happy to be here.”

I am going to ask you a few questions so that you can share your internship experience with people who are curious, sound good?

“Absolutely, let’s do it!”

First and foremost, what drew you to BMM?

“I think I was first attracted to the company due to its youth. I had always wanted to work for a relatively fresh company as I think that gives you so much more opportunity to really see the inner workings of something that is successfully developing. BMM really fit the picture because since its inception, it has grown leaps and bounds to form an already international network of its own offices. That sort of initiative was appealing to me, I knew from the get-go that a group of motivated people were behind this and that it would clearly be a work environment that thinks forward.”

When you first joined, what were your impressions?

“When I first came into the office in February, I was pleased to be immediately included in a “all hands on deck” sort of manner: Everyone was very communicative and outspoken about their projects and where they may need assistance. There was a real sense of collaboration amongst one another. That is the ideal scenario for an intern coming into a new place: knowing that you will be given plenty of accidental and deliberate opportunity to be included. With such a good start, you find a confidence to contribute which obviously pushes your own work and the overall effort to be more successful.”

Could you explain a bit more on how you were given tasks?

“In the initial interview, I was asked questions for the team to best determine where my strengths lie and consequently where I would be the most comfortable to help. Max has a great overall philosophy for running this business: There are plenty of catch ups between all offices to ensure everyone is aware of what may be ongoing. These calls help a lot to solidify each individuals’ understanding of where help may be needed. So, although I had a sort of pre-thought stronger area, the internship really allowed me to delve into a few spheres of marketing and advertising that I was more unfamiliar with.  Right at the start, I was assigned to work with our BD and Client Manager Pascal and the predominant amount of work was given by him. But after a few weeks of finding myself into the company, the tasks were coming from others too which definitely helped broaden my understanding.”

What were the biggest challenges for you?

“The obvious one that comes to mind was the outbreak of the corona pandemic and the switch to a work-from-home environment. This was a bit of a shock, of course, but also proved that BMM is not one to go under when things get tough. We managed to keep our collaborative and productive moods and the quarantine actually spiced up our efforts to help clients because we were keen to help them preserve and optimise as much business as possible in such peculiar circumstances. Obviously, I hope for no one to have to calculate for such an event during their internship here, but it is very comforting having known first hand that it is a challenge that can be faced with braviour by this company.”

And the successes?

“My previous work background was not within the marketing and advertising industry so I would name the biggest success the growing independence I felt for my individual work as I grew more confident with tasks – all credit to the trust that the team would put in me. There was an increase of my independent interaction with clients and pulling new business on board which gives you a sense of personal achievement.”

What would be your biggest piece of advice to someone coming into this?

“Stay alert and stay passionate. BMM will provide you with a work environment and motivated team that aims to foster your greatest potential, but it is still just starting up so if you are staying alert for opportunities for thoughtful improvement, you can contribute to shape this company. So definitely keep your eyes open, everyone welcomes constructive suggestions to help push the success further. BMM is a great internship to learn about yourself, the workings of a start-up, and to be included in a group of like minded people with everyone pulling their weight.”

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