Saying Goodbye to our Programmatic Trader Irina

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Irina Pecherskikh has been a part of the BMM team since September 2018, supporting our clients on a range of services including programmatic advertising, campaign managing, data analysis, reporting and optimisation.

Other than that, we were privileged to experience her as a wonderful client representative, cheerful spirit, a chocolate-croissant-destroyer, passionate traveller and underwater-enthusiast. In an almost magical way, she could always find the bright side in everything, listen incredibly well and answer thoughtfully and was (and remains) the very heart of BMM.

Irina went on maternity leave 🤰 as of Friday 1st May and is not expected to return for at least a year. 
Although Irina will be greatly missed by her colleagues and many of our clients, we couldn’t be happier to share her news and we look forward to meeting her new arrival!

Some of you are likely to have worked with Irina over the years and we hope you will all join us in wishing her a safe and healthy journey into motherhood.

We’re taking this as an opportunity for an appreciation of the work she has done for us so far, to ask her some questions and to introduce her to anyone who didn’t have the chance to meet her yet!

Hi Irina, how are things with you?

“Hi Vanessa, everything is going great! How are you?”

Super! All is well with me, thanks. If it’s alright with you, I would like to ask you some questions about your work at Blackmilk Media?

“Sure, go ahead!”

Great, let’s get started then. How did you come to work with Blackmilk Media?

“I was looking for an internship in Digital Marketing in London before my Master’s course, this is how I met the Ops Team that I am a part of now. Straight from the beginning, I was so impressed by all these platforms, data analysis, and the way BMM manages campaigns, so I started to ask a lot of questions and to learn by myself during my free time. When I finished my studies, I went back directly to the team with fresh new knowledge and a big urge to learn even more.” 

So what is the work you do now as a Programmatic Trader?

“The Programmatic Trader is not only a one-task-job, it covers the whole process. I will try to make it short 🙂

First and foremost, we need to listen carefully to what the client wants in order to identify which platforms are most applicable. Then we need to examine the industry, acquire best practices, and avoid the common mistakes. 

The actual work is usually – a team work, which includes: strategy, planning, campaigns set – up, monitoring and optimisation, troubleshooting, reporting, post-campaign analysis, recommendations etc.”

What are the greatest positives you enjoy in your role here?

“The nicest part is, of course, to see the results of this team-work. When your efforts are becoming tangible for someone and our clients get what they were looking for.”  

Exciting! And on the other hand, are there ever drawbacks you find working in this sector of the industry?

“I could think of three main challenges here: 

• To be up to date is very important: the advertising industry and markets are changing very fast, and so are the platforms.

• Furthermore, the imperfect nature of the system can be challenging sometimes. You better keep an eye on all relevant KPIs to correct any mistakes fast and efficiently.

• Managing expectations and the educational component of the work: not every client is familiar with the platforms, processes and the KPIs. So it is essential to give a clear and accurate overview before starting any campaign.”

That’s understandable but you of course seem to have it handled. To get more personal, how are you enjoying living in Germany Irina?

“Oh, thank you for asking! I love it here! I am actually learning German now and I was very surprised how supportive everyone is here with that.”

Irina, I would just like to finish this off with you giving me three words that your friends or family would use to describe you. Go!

“To be honest… no idea!

Would 4 words be okay? Then – “Citizen of the world”.

Otherwise: determined, hard-working, loyal.”

If you want to find out who will work on the projects Irina worked on before and discuss anything regarding her work/future campaigns, or if you just want to send Irina your wishes we could pass on for you, feel free to reach out to us on [email protected]

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