Branding Corona: How brands win during crises

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Winners are made in crises. And this does not mean that marketers should collectively take cover. Last month we gave you an update on how the Marketing industry is influenced by Coronavirus. One month later, for some brands, advertising and especially branding corona is now more important than ever. This is because the pandemic is changing the framework conditions for brand claims, product USPs and new customer potential, in some cases dramatically. And in this new marketing landscape there could also be winners – if they seize their opportunities. This is why we listed 5 impactful examples of advertisers from different industries showing up during the coronavirus pandemic in recent weeks.

Guinnes: Comforting Customers

The Guinness Brewery has shown the way in the USA.  In a spot for St. Patricks Day, it addresses its fans who are mourning the missed celebrations this year. Although this is unlikely to change much in terms of lost sales, it does a lot for the credibility and popularity of the Irish brand.

Ford branding corona: The Helper in Need

Ford accepts that they can hardly expect new customers to be in a shopping mood at the moment and are helping their existing customers who have bought a model on credit with generously calculated credit offers. On the one hand, this serves to secure sales that have already been made. After all, manufacturers would have little benefit if their buyers had to return the models they bought and associate a negative memory with the brand. But it turns a rather stressful brand touchpoint – the credit business – into an opportunity for a positive brand message. The lender becomes a helper in need, who does not ignore acute emergencies but helps to solve them.

Ikea: Being relatable

Due to the lack of leisure time alternatives, many people will take a closer look at their own four walls and will have more time for improvements and embellishments. This offers opportunities for all brands that provide the ingredients to beautify the home environment. Whether it’s furniture and decoration, gardening supplies or spring cleaning supplies.  Ikea took the opportunity to create a connection to the customer by using a young mum and her chaotic everyday life at home as the theme for their advertising campaign. Many people can identify with her and IKEA ultimately expands their brand recognition. 

McDonalds branding corona: Addressing concerns

To tackle specifically the heightened fears of customers about protecting their health, McDonald’s Philippines outlined new steps they are taking, such as the temperature checks needed before and after shifts for employees. By video, president and CEO Kenneth Yang assured customers, “We will not hesitate to cancel any customer activity or even temporarily shut down any of our restaurants.”

Trigema: Actions speak louder than words

branding corona trigema actions speak louder than words

The German clothing manufacturer Trigema has partially switched its production to mouth and nose protection masks due to the Corona pandemic. Trigema produces around 125,000 such masks per week. This company demonstrates simply but effectively how brand sympathy can increase in times of crisis – even without expensive advertising videos.

Take-away: branding corona

Yes, it is possible to effectively advertise during Coronavirus! The uncertainty of the future is understandable. Nonetheless, this too shall pass. It is important to stay focused on the long-term and not shy away from new growth opportunities. Branding works best long-term. Cutting budget spends too much when not necessary could negatively impact the brand when the pandemic is over. It´s time to think countercyclical!

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

If you have difficulties finding the right marketing strategy for your brand during Coronavirus, get in touch with us here.

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