Introducing: New Conversation Ads on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network platform. With over 645 million professionally-connected members, it is a giant opportunity for your B2B marketing. The number of private messages sent on LinkedIn has quadrupled in the last five years. As a result, the platform is launching a new type of message-based ads, so-called Conversation Ads, that use conversation to provide a personalized experience for each user.

But first: what were the ad formats used so far on LinkedIn?

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Single Image Ads have an introduction text at the beginning. This can contain a link. To avoid that long URLs become too cryptic, you can either use a shortener yourself or the system shortens the link automatically. It is important that the text including the link should not contain more than 170 characters, otherwise it will be displayed shortened. The images are created in the 16:9 ratio. If the target URL is inserted when the ad is placed, the system automatically takes a default image of the target page. Of course you can also add an image of your choice. Below the image, you can give the ad a headline aka CTA (Call to Action).

Video Ads are structured analogously to Single Image Ads. Instead of the image you add a video to your LinkedIn ad. In terms of length, the video must be at least 3 seconds long, but may not exceed 30 minutes. As with the common Video Ads, the same applies here: brevity is the soul of wit! Next to the title you can add a Call to Action (CTA) button to the ads. Here you can choose between different presets. The videos always start in auto-play.

Already known on Facebook for a long time, the Carousel Ads on LinkedIn have been around for two years now. In 2-10 cards you can tell whole stories or present different products and product features. As with the Single Image Ads, an introductory text is displayed above the advertising material. The images are created in a 1:1 ratio and you can link each card to its own target page, or you can give all cards the same target. You can assign a title for each card.

LinkedIn Is Finally Offering Carousel Ads – Adweek
Text Ads

Old-but-gold: there are still the LinkedIn Text Ads. It is possible to combine a text with small images (logo etc.). However, the ads are only displayed on desktop. The placement is either single-line above the content or within a banner in the right sidebar.

Dynamic ads

By using LinkedIn Dynamic Ads, you can directly address LinkedIn users. The ad format uses information from the LinkedIn profile of the viewer and their user activity. This information is then used to deliver attention-grabbing and personalised messages. There are different variations depending on the goal you are pursuing.

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads: Deliver Personalized Messages to Engage Your ...
Message Ads

Previously known as Sponsored InMail, Message Ads still offer the possibility to send direct messages to your audience. LinkedIn offers templates for the structure of your message and you can easily adjust individual text passages. You can also add a CTA-button to the Message Ad. You can’t insert pictures, but you can add a companion banner to your message. The messages are capped at 45 days.

The newest addition on LinkedIn: Conversation Ads

More than 2.5 billion people worldwide (35%) use mobile messaging apps and this number is expected to grow to almost 40% by 2023. The number of private messages sent on LinkedIn has quadrupled in the last five years.  That’s why LinkedIn has launched so-called Conversation Ads, which are designed to help you interact with prospects in a more personal and engaging way.

LinkedIn Introduces Conversation Ads | LinkedIn Marketing Blog

The new Ads are built on the current Message Ads (formerly Sponsored InMail) and provide a path-based experience that allows the creation of complete funnel campaigns with multiple customized action calls. Examples include product training, webinar registrations and e-book downloads. Conversation Ads proved to have a conversion rate that was about 5x higher than other LinkedIn Ad formats. You can choose between 3 different Ad bid types:

In contrast to conventional LinkedIn Message Ads, these ads are designed to help prospects and customers access the content that is most interesting to them, resulting in higher engagement. In the new advertising format, several CTAs can be set up, that lead to the landing page, open a form (if lead generation is the goal) or encourage people to look for more information in the next message. Furthermore, they are designed for real-time engagement, which means that messages can only be sent if the prospect is active on LinkedIn. To maintain the user experience and improve ad performance, Conversation ads have a 45-day frequency cap, which means that the desired audience will only see one ad within 45 days.

It seems to pay off

Some companies have already achieved great results with this new advertising function. Below Samsung demonstrates how your future LinkedIn Conversation Ads could look like:

By their own account, Samsung was able to effectively raise user engagement within their brand and their sponsored product Samsung Galaxy Note10. This new advertising measure resulted in a 23% uplift in CTR compared to LinkedIn Message Ads.

Of course all advertising activities on LinkedIn have to be adapted to your company and the present economical situation – which is currently heavily affected by the Corona Crisis. Read our latest article to find out how the Corona Virus is affecting our day-to-day Marketing.

Also, if you would like to get into contact with us and find out how you could leverage advertising and lead generation on LinkedIn contact us directly.

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