How HTML5 Banner Ads Can Have Click Rates As High As Video Content

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Everyone is talking about the HTML5 banners these days, and it makes you wonder why it has become such a big thing. It’s been 6 years since HTML5 was first released, and it has shown amazing results for product marketing. 

HTML5 (Hypertext Markup Language) banners are essentially the animated banners that brands use to advertise their products/services online. Sometimes it contains an interactive feature that makes the customers even more excited to purchase the product, and it also allows people to be more creative with their advertisements. This new format of digital advertising is also called ‘rich media’ because of its rich content that includes audio, video, animation, and other features. 

Mazda, Nike, BMW

How effective are these banners? The Adform research shows that click-through rates of rich media ads are 267% more than from static ads. The main reason for this phenomenon lies behind the movement and interaction feature of those ads, the user can’t simply ignore the changing images, and automatically checks the banner which leads to the increase of clicks.

Here are three examples of rich media from different brands such as Mazda, Nike, and BMW.

Each of these HTML5 banners has an eye-catching design and a feature to click through a link and have the page open. The main goal is to get the attention of the users and make them interact with the advertisement. 

The HTML5 banners are memorable, making them stand out from the rest of the digital ads, and nowadays, they can successfully compete with video formatted ads. HTML5 can be quick and easy to make, they can also be complex and time-consuming but yield amazing results. Through our design and marketing team, we have specialised in scalable HTML5s to function as a content marketing piece and have the ability to track their performance.

According to Ironpaper, banner ad sales will increase at least by 7% each year from the US$ 19,554 million in 2016 to the unprecedented US$ 27,472 million next year. It is highly suggested to start implementing HTML5 banners into your marketing plan. At Blackmilk, we provide different services, including making HTML5 banners, which can effectively increase the number of your future customers.

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