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This week it is the turn of Monica, our lovely Account Manager. Having joined us in January, she is responsible for a number of our clients’ needs and wants. Think client lunches, plenty of phone-calls and an abundance of emails!  


Hi Monica, how are you doing today?

Hi I’m good, how are you?


Fabulous! Would you mind terribly if I asked you a few questions?

Sure, go ahead!


Brilliant, let’s begin: do you know the origins of ‘Blackmilk’?

I sure do: it has its origins in Eastern folklore, where the ‘blakmilk’ was seen as an elixir of life, something that we aim to be within the advertising industry!


Lovely, 10/10! With regards to the company, what attracted you to Blackmilk?

I think what attracted me the most was the energy of those who interviewed me. For me, Blackmilk seemed like a place (thankfully I was right!) with an open-door policy and where you can really be yourself and thrive, all without the pressure of a corporate structure that is normally seen in other advertising companies.


What is a day in the life of an Account Manager – could you give us an insight?

My primary job is to be the main point of contact for the client. If they have any questions about the budget, deadlines or creative questions for example, then I will feed these queries back to my colleagues so that I can answer the clients’ questions.

I’d normally start my day by reading through my emails and prioritising them. Afterwards, I’d consult with the relevant teams on behalf of the client, and then get in touch via email and telephone to update them. I am continuously in contact with my clients, ensuring that there is a high degree of transparency throughout, from the first meeting and beyond. Transparency is a core facet of Blackmilk, and it is a constant seen throughout all our work.


How did you get into the role?

I’ve been working in advertising for a while now, and have experience working in various departments such as product integration and Ops. Both gave me a real insight into the workings of product management and the technical nature of advertising. However, I wanted a position that allowed me to have both a client-facing role and retain a foothold in the goings-on of the office.


What Blackmilk Media plans are you excited for in 2018?

I’m really excited for the training sessions we have planned – we’ll be having a number of external speakers, experts from the industry into the office to speak to us and teach us more about our roles.


What is a pit and peak of working at Blackmilk Media?

Good question! I would say that a pit is the level of self-reliance that is required at Blackmilk. Saying that, it’s also a positive (or a peak!) as it tests your character and allows you to showcase yourself and your skills, thus really enabling you to do the best you can.


Last question: how would your friends describe you in three words?

I’ve prepared for this question – I asked my friends the other day! I think they’d say that I was passionate, unapologetic and free-spirited.

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